Hold on to the seats, “white collar” evolves into “purple collar” !

When we hear the word white collar, the people who comes to the plaza with Starbucks coffee in their hand after lunch comes to life; but first of all, in our eyes white collar is actually the person who works at the desk, does not work with physical strength but with mental power.

Especially in companies which started to digitalize rapidly after covid-19, the definition of white collar is now changing. Our Business Development Director Serap Yelkenci explains how this definition has changed:

The white collar before covid and the white collar after covid changed. I have been in corporate sales and customer relations areas since 2010. When I checked the archive, in 10 years I contacted more than 4000 people. I can confess that the white collar who deserves the money they received are representing in 20% in a company. So pareto also worked here. The number of people working efficiently for a company is as much as 20% within that company. In other words, 80% of the company’s income comes from 20% of the productively working white collar. Why do I express this in the past tense; because after the covid-19, companies must have noticed this situation as well, I observed that the number of inefficient white-collar workers started to decrease in business life. This knowledge is real knowledge from the field, because it comes from the experience.

Before Covid-19, the mask of the “white-collar”, who said that my manager was sending e-mails at night to think that he was working more, has now been unmasked, because everyone from the manager to the expert has returned to the factory settings. I could never understand why 8 people were working in a department for the job that 2 people could work efficiently, because I did not have to understand it, the abnormal was that 8 people trying to do the work of 2 people.

Now it’s time to hold tight to the seats, white collar!

Institutions that revert to factory settings are aware of everything. While “holding on to the job” as an employee is much easier if you are an efficient employee, it is much more difficult if you are an employee who resists for things to happen and who reproaches who will deal with the new project. Duality.

In summary, if you work unwillingly, but show off, you need to question your possibility of staying “white collar” in the new world.

The vision of the white collar is also rapidly transforming. Let’s hear how this transformation happens from our Customer Analytics Senior Manager Özge İster:

Covid-19 required the digitalization of both working conditions and jobs. The change has been so rapid that we have experienced the transformation that normally takes place over the years in a period of 6 months, and we continue to do so. The customer in front of us is not the customer we claim to know very well. All the stones were scattered, the game starts again. We have to be much faster, more flexible and smarter than before. Those who cannot see the big picture or run to the big picture will stay out of the picture. Whether it is an institution or an employee; It will throw out parts which do not adapt to the new system mechanism.

The white collar has to compensate their deficiencies quickly! Time is running out. They have to complement their technological abilities and combine this with his business vision to draw a new path in their career. The future of business processes and the professions that cannot renew themselves are in danger. The white-collar have to ask theirselves these questions honestly today:

- How ready am I for the future, what are my deficiencies?

- Does the institution I am in have the vision to carry me into the future?

- Will my profession continue to be valid in the future?

- How should I transform my field if my job is at risk?

Who knows, maybe at the end of this process, even the concept of “white collar” will have transformed totally: The white collar goes extinct and the “purple collar” becomes the dominant side of the future in the rising new world.

Stating that companies embarking on rapid digitalization need new graduates who are more ready for the needs of business life, Yaprak Mutlu suggested to apply to companies that focus more on digitalization. She stated that the value these companies attach to young and innovative minds is increasing day by day and will accelerate digitalization even more.

With digitalization and the strength which we get from dynamism, we are giving direction to the Digital Transformation in Turkey by growing our team with the new professionals in line with “Purple Collar” in the upcoming days.

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